How we Built and Launched in about 12 Hours

On Saturday, April 2, around 4 in the morning, we launched into the world. This is a quick look at the idea, the app, and the process of making it.

Launching things is hard. My friend Melissa and I have been working together on a ton of projects and ideas lately, but up until now most of them remained unfinished.

So we decided last Saturday that we would actually launch something.

The Idea

While hanging out with Melissa and my brother, we started to discuss the idea of a Slack type of application designed around a simple concept – expiring group chats.

Groups could exist for as little as 5 minutes, and at max 24 hours. Creating a new group requires no login, no email or accounts.

Basically, make everything as simple to get up and running as possible. Once a group expires, the group, all of it’s messages & users – everything gets wiped.

Because we had spent the last month working on and off on another group chat app (more of a full on slack/groupme clone type of project), we had already clocked a ton of hours figuring out some of the crucial concepts – things like web sockets and the necessary database relations for a project like this, would work.

This set the stage for us to be able to put together something like this relatively quickly, and in about 12 hours we had a shippable, working prototype.

Overall, building and launching a functional prototype took about 12 hours – although we had previously worked on writing code for a chat app, so we were able to move pretty quickly on this one once the idea was laid out.